Thing 16: Reference management tools

For those who are using reference management tools, here is a tip for you to configure you tool, so you can connect you tool with your own university library. Taking the University of Auckland library and Papers (a reference management tool) as an example, by adding an Ezproxy address ( which can be found thru this link to Papers installed on your computer or mobile devices, you can access the documents you want in the tool itself and add them to your reference list easily. This can save you one step, no need to download them and add them to your list manually. It can be downloaded directly into your reference list with the document attached.

Days of Love 相爱的日子

He suddenly felt rather hungry, for he had been too engrossed in the drinks and ignored the food at the drinks party. He put on his cotton sweater and said, “Let’s go and grab some food. My treat.” She responded with neither “yes” nor “no”, but pulled the bed clothes closer towards under her chin. “One moment please,” she said, “Let’s do it one more time.”
It was 11 o’clock at night. Freezing cold, both pedestrians and cars were rare, presenting a bleak, but expansive scene. The light was unusually bright. Lamps along the roadsides extended magnificently transparent light elegantly and distantly to the edge of the sky. At quite fast speeds, taxis occasionally whistled past them .
They chose to eat in a Daipaidong –a food stall on the roadside. It was her idea, as she said, she loved Daipaidong. But he knew clearly that she wanted to save money for him. They sat close to the stove and ordered two stir-fried noodle, two grilled fish and two tomato-egg soup. Close to the stove as they were, they still felt cold. The warmth from the bed had escaped already. He pulled up the collar of his overcoat, crossed his hands into his sleeves, and became lost in his own thoughts, facing the flame of the stove. Then the soup was served. While she was sipping the soup, he examined her carefully for the first time. Her cheeks no longer had the rosiness of youth, but lacked warmth. The surrounds of her eyes were also bluish. She wouldn’t be described as good looking but ordinary. However, during love-making, her slim, but strong waist was really marvellous. How could her waist be so dynamic?
Now came a gust of winter wind. The wall of the Daipaidong was actually made of a plastic film. It was blown upwards by the wind, like the side of a balloon. The lamp overhead also swayed, swinging their shadows on the ground. It looked like the two of them having sex in bed, fiercely and lingeringly. A strong desire to hold her in his arms and wrap her in his overcoat suddenly struck him. He felt sorry for this. He should not invite her to such a place at that occasion. “Next time, I must invite her to a decent place, at least a place with real walls,” he told himself.
Holding the soup bowl with both hands, she was quite focused, finishing the last sip, she exclaimed, “That’s really tasty”.
He took his arms out from the sleeves and held her cheeks in his hands. She rubbed her cheek in his palms and helped finish his gentle caress, “It is really a happy day,” she said.
“Yeah,” he said, ”It is really a happy day.” His thumbs slipped across the corner of her eyes. “Happiness” really is a spirit who always comes and goes unexpectedly.
As if influenced by them, the boss and chef of the Daipaidong also seemed quite happy. He lit his cigarette with the burning fire tongs and whispered to his female helper. Most probably, he was flirting with her. That could be judged from her facial expression. She seemed to be from the countryside too. The shadow of the stove fire was jumping on her broad face. Except for these “two couples”, no one else was present in the Daipaidong. It was freezing cold. Merrily, he began to chat with the boss of the Daipaidong, “It is late and nobody is here. Why not go home? No one will come.”

Here I come, WordPress!

I am keen on technology, on its potential and its application in foreign language education. For it makes me feel proud of myself with that sense of being competent to use. But in an ever-changing society, trying to catch up with every technological advance is tiring. Besides, it is also possible that you are going to run out of curiosity and stop running. Now I know the reason why these technologies are invented is to facilitate our life, not to frustrate us.